The AIROPS24 team is available 24/7 to support your trips around the globe. We can handle even the most sensitive and time-critical missions. Together with our global network of suppliers, vendors and agents will ensure that all your needs are met – no matter how challenging the flight or operation.

Together with you we will create a tailor made solution to meet even your most demanding requirements. Every flight is perfected to your demands to ensure seamless travel with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency so you can visit more locations with more productive trips in less time.

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We are here not only to provide you with all the required flight preparations but also to support you during and after your flight. AIROPS24 offers you a variety of arrangements. Regardless if you want support for a single trip or require long term support, we can provide you with an arrangement that will fit your needs and budget.

Worldwide Trip Planning

AIROPS24 Trip Planning services are comprehensive to ensure your flight’s smooth operation and utmost satisfaction and include:

  • Choosing appropriate airports for the clients convininece or technical stops with no fuel shortages, in addition to securing reasonable fuel prices, handling charges and airport fees.
  • Choosing an optimal flight route, allowing for maximum efficiency of fuel consumption.
  • Confirming that the countries being over-flown in the chosen route have no political tensions that could make the flight impossible to be performed. Additionally, our services ensure that the permits for all the en-route countries can be obtained on time.
  • Making sure the destination airport is an Airport of Entry (AEO) and that airport operating hours fit your schedule.
  • Ensuring that the airport has all the Ground Services Equipment (GSE) required for the proper handling of your flight.
  • Checking the regulatory, safety and security status of your destination.
  • Advising on the runway length, airport charts and infrastructure.
  • Estimating the costs for all the en-route and ground charges of your flight including: permits charges, navigation fees, airport fees, ground handling charges, fuel charges, hotel, transportation and catering charges.

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Flight Planning

Best time to destination, fuel efficiency, and safety are your and our primary considerations when it comes to flight planning. AIROPS24 offers your individual flight planning based on your needs and specifications. We can even create Operational Flight plan formats to meet your needs. For each flight we provide you with:

  • Worldwide flight plan filling
  • Operational flight including rotuint to destination and to the alternate
  • ETOPS planning if requered with Equal-Time-Point (ETP) information
  • Airport and enroute weather considerations
  • Planning conform RNP, MNPS, and RVSM airspace
  • Graphical presentation of routings plotted on weather charts
  • Pilots can also receive a 24-hour preliminary review of routings, en-route times, and weather
  • 4 hours before departure a full flight package will be deliverd to the crew and/or handling agent
  • Online solutions are available for downloading

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Operations Management

AIROPS24 has the knowledge and tools to deliver a clear operations management solution for your commercial and/or private operation. We can help you with the setup of your operations department or we can become member of your operations team for shorter or longer periods of time.

AIROPS24 can also deliver a full aircraft management solution to assist you with the safe operation of your asset.

  • We can provide you with the following for both Commercial Operation and private Operations
  • 24/7 flight dispatch, aircraft scheduling and crewing support solutions, for ‘day to day’ planning and dealing with ad hoc crew issues, as and when they arise, as per requirements detailed in your operations manuals and company FTL scheme. Disruption management and fleet allocation
  • Crew rostering; a service which will provide your flight crew with a published roster which meets AOC regulations.
  • Disruption management; viable and proactive solutions to maintain daily flying schedules. Dealing with ad hoc issues as and when they arise, to minimise passenger disruption.
  • Online Management software solutions
  • Arrangement and booking ground handling services, crew/passenger hotels, transport and catering.
  • Crew training scheduling
  • Overall advisory and manning support to new, frozen or startup AOC companies
  • Charter and AOG support

Have your asset managed fully or in parts. We can create a clear plan to make sure you operate the aircraft to its maximum efficiency on safety and costs.

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